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It’s wiser to find out than to suppose.
— Mark Twain
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from Beyond Here Lies Nothing by Christian Brylle!

Interview Magazine

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me: *likes a person*
person: *likes me back*
me: o shit….sorry…..this is all …too much…gtg

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me on a daily basis

솔직히 세상과 난 어울린 적 없어
Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world

I was always alone

— Bigbang, Loser
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Heart Earrings available at http://angelsfilth.storenvy.com

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Don’t be like
everyone else.
Be like yourself.
Bruce Adler (via wordsnquotes)

Oh gosh so I got locked out of this account again but I changed the password to one I use for everything so finally I can actually use it now. My email I use for this account didn’t let me in cause I wasn’t using the phone I made the account with like 12 years ago. But I’m back

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